The Venue

The Kent Beer Festival is held at Merton Farm, Merton Lane (off B2068 to Hythe), Canterbury CT4 7BA.

The Festival takes place in a large barn which is used for farming purposes the rest of the year.

The floor is uneven and can be dusty or damp, depending on the weather. You are advised to wear appropriate footwear (it’s not a night for your new slingbacks, girls!).

Basic seating is available inside the barn and temporary toilet facilities are available outside near the main entrance.

Health and safety

To assist with your enjoyment of the Kent Beer Festival, please consider the following hazards and help us to provide the best environment for all staff and visitors.

1. A farm is a dangerous place with working machinery. Outside the bar area, these dangers may be out of sight.

2. Children and minors may not understand these dangers and must be supervised.

3. Do not go into fenced off areas.

4. Alcohol can decrease awareness.

5. The floors are uneven and may not be clean.

6. Most people will be carrying glasses, watch out for breakages.

7. Be aware of fire exits and first aid posts. The main information point is the CAMRA shop, and the main first aid post is to the right of the glasses and tokens counter.

8. Please do not smoke in the barn.


Camping at the festival costs £10 per person for the whole event or any part of it. See the Camping at the Festival web page.

There are several camping sites nearby and Canterbury has lots of Hotel and B & B accommodation. Go to for more details.